Chanter Browne and Curry

Chanter Browne & Curry are registered in the UK to carry on audit work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. We carry out all forms of statutory and voluntary audits, assurance and compliance work for financial service companies, overseas holding companies, charities and others.

Statutory Audit

We aim to streamline the audit process and perform the work with the minimum disruption to our clients’ day to day activities.

Our audit service provides the required assurance to shareholders and managers on the true and fair view over the financial information and takes into account all current auditing and accounting standards and other relevant regulatory reporting requirements. We link our service to ensure compliance with legislation and relevant regulations. We strive for objectivity in all our professional judgements and we make a constructive contribution to the client’s business.

Voluntary Audits

Some private companies, particularly small companies, are exempt from audit if they meet a number of financial and non-financial criteria. Some of the reasons and advantages of an audit include the following:

  • Add credibility to the financial information
  • The financial statements must show a true and fair view. An audit reduces the risk of non-compliance with legislation, error and fraud
  • To provide reports required by regulators e.g. ATOL. ABTA, etc
  • To support banking covenants
  • Outside interests e.g. shareholders that are not directors
  • To provide access to finance on enhanced lending terms
  • Helps to implement financial discipline in all aspects of the business

The decision to commit to an independent audit sends all the right signals to bankers, prospective purchasers of the business, suppliers and HM Revenue & Customs.
All such audits are performed to the same standards as the statutory audits.

Assurance & Compliance

We advise and support organisations and businesses on a variety of assurance and compliance work. We tailor our approach and service to suit the size and nature of your organisation and your specific needs.

We can advise on the development and implementation of an internal audit function. We undertake the full outsourcing or compliment the in-house internal audit function with additional staff resources or additional skills.

We can review your business and accounting systems to ensure that they are effective, efficient and that they are operating within a well-controlled environment to minimise risk, error or fraud. We can review specific accounting applications like payroll, sales and purchases or your entire business functions and the business strategies you are pursuing.

We provide advice and support to help you to ensure compliance with the ever-increasing laws and regulations like tax compliance, employment, or the regulatory regime that your business may have to comply with.

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